Agrional Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter is used to sow the seeds precisely in any required spaces. The machine is  manufactured with 4-5-6-8 rows. Because sowing units are disc type and there are cutting discs which can be put in front of frame, the machine can be operated in fully processed field or semi processed with cut stems. As motion from the wheels to sowing units is transferred by a special shaft, seeding is applied precisely. Due to robber tires of sowing units, seeds can be sowed at different kinds of soil conditions, at equal distances and depths. Various accessories can be assembled to the machine. The machine is easily adjustable, stable and practical. High working speed and high-performance ensure fast-sowing and high efficiency. Required amount of fertilizer can be applied.

Simple at usage and easily adjusted.

Long time sowing opportunity by the help of big volume fertilizer and seed boxes.

Precise seeding can be made with 12 steps selector mechanism and watching lid (for preventing non-controlled seeding in  the field).

Cell discs are manufactured of stainless steel material by laser technology.

Simple at placing and replacing the seeder discs according to various seed types.

Flawless row distances can be adjusted by the help of gear box which takes motion from wheels. 

Desired row distances can be adjusted by the gear lever at outside of the gear box.

The inter row distances can be accurately adjusted with measurement scales at the chassis. All connections on the chassis profile are unmountable by loosening the nuts.

The spacing drill unit takes the motion from the wheel with the transmission of shaft system. This system provides more precision sowing.

Turning the metal ring and removing the pin on the shaft system is sufficient for cancelling sowing.

The depth of sowing can be adjusted properly with spring pressure on the parallelogram system at any kind of soils.

The pressure to the soil by the pressure wheel can be adjusted with a handle.

Remaining seeds at the spacing drill and seed hopper can be unloaded easily by opening lids at the end of working. Easy alteration of the seeds without wasting time.

There is a selector system at fertilizer hoppers to adjust the amount of fertilizer.

There are alternative rockers for different type of seeds for high productive sowing.

This machine has standard manufacturing with certain structure and construction.

ModelUnit Quantity Length FrameWidthHeight Distance Between Rows Seed Tank Volume Fertilizer Tank Volume P.T.O. Spin Required Power Weight With Fertilizer Tank 
 pcsmmmmmm cmdm³dm³rpmhpkg
AGM-PMD 4428002300160045-70-75-9535x4160x2540651060
AGM-PMD 5532002300160045-70-7535x5160x2540701240
AGM-PMD 6640002300160045-70-7535x6200x2540801420
AGM-PMD 8856002300160045-70-7535x8200x45401001950
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