SOWING - PLANTING / Mounted Mechanical Seed Drill Tine and Spring Tine Type

AGM-HMT - (With and Without Fertilizer System)

AGM-HMT - (With and Without Fertilizer System)

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Agrional Mounted Mechanical Seed Drill can sow grain, soybean, canola. Planting norm is adjustable. They are firm and strong. It can sow in 3 lined routes with its stringed chisel legs. Quantity of seeds before planting is adjustable. Hydraulic trimline marker system is available. Pressure settings of planting legs can be adjusted separately. It can sow on ridge or flat land.

It's easily adjustable, strong and useful machine.
It can sow on all kinds of land; ridge and flat land.
Sowing units are designed to apply the same pressure on ground surface at any height. Thus, it obtains uniform planting pattern.
Stringed legs create three lined gapped routes. Pressures of stringed legs and sowing depth can be adjustable.
With mechanism of depth adjustment, it can sow on surface and in deep.
As all seeds fall into the same depth, it ensures simultaneous germination.
Gap of planting line is 25 mm.
Precision and easy sowing norm can be adjusted, thanks to changeable gearbox. Gearbox runs quietly.
Rear covers are with spring.
Hydraulic marker system is available.
It's a machine with high work efficiency.
It can be produced with fertilizer or without fertilizer.

All sowing units can be adjusted by means of screwed shaft. As all seeds fall into the same depth, it ensures simultaneous germination.

Double hopper system designed for(small and bigger seeds) planting cereal, vegetable and forage crop.

You can turn off desired rows with hydraulic tracing system when needed.

Seed drain valve.

Fertilizer hopper.

The springs provide the adjustment of tension of planter legs.

With spring chisel legs, 3 row cultivation can be done without blocking.

With the stepless changeable gearbox, and easy and precision sowing norm can be adjusted. The Gearbox runs quietly.

Marker arms with electronic and hydraulic control.

With the help of rear tine a good coverage is provided.

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