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This Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter is a machine developed according to different agricultural and environmental conditions for the common needs of the vegetable manufacturers.

Agrional Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter For Small Seeds is specially designed for thin, small seeds. The planter is an ideal seed drill for vegetables and plants such as parsley, lettuce, dill, celery, asparagus, eggplant, tomato, pepper, cucumber, gherkin, leeks, okra, peas, soya bean, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, leek, spinach, beet, radish, turnip, carrots, sesame, cummin, thyme, tulip, dandelion, daisy, clover, tobacco, black cumin, p.rhoeas, dianthus barbatus, chrysanthemun, mustard, colchicum, etc. It is used for every kind of seeds whether hulled or not.

Number of planter units can be increased or decreased according to demand, as 2-4-5-6-8-10-12 rows.
Inter row spacing can be adjustable upon demanded range.
Usage and adjustment of the machine is very easy owing to its lightweight, solid chassis structure and compact fan design.
Effective planting depth control is provided by parallelogram wheel, special unit and the self-cleaning wheel system.
By means of special design double acting fan system, minimum height of seed falling is provided and spaces between the rows are adjusted precisely. With a different airflow, holes of the seed plates are cleaned from the seed residues.
Calibration wheel placed in the unit arranges the falling of the seed and by means of this specialty, the seed falls to the field one by one so seed waste is minimized.
Owing to special discs and planter coulters which are placed to every unit, it is possible to plant as single, double or triple rows over one unit.
Agrional Mounted Precision Pneumatic Planter For Small Seeds can also be used for planting on the ridge.

Due to the unit parallelogram system, precise depth control can be made.

For planting single, double or triple row, the planter has precise, smooth and thin plate.

For planting single, double or triple row, the planter has precise, smooth and thin plate.

Owing to multi-speed transmission system, 30 different inter row spacing planting can be done.

By means of special fan, every kind of seeds could be planted. Planter plates are cleaned from seed residues via adjustable compressed air flow. Vacuum and pressure indicators are available on the fan.

Field surface is least effected by surface irregularities in the chain motion transmission system.

For smooth planting, the machine has a hydraulic arm marker unit.

For planting high density plants (onion, carrot, etc) there are changeable grooved plates which enables to plant double, triple.

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