Stercoris W 4000

Stercoris W 4000

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Stercoris W 4000
Conveyor type fertilizer spreader Stercoris Wagon has a different operating system compared to the other fertilizer spreader models.

The material in the tank is not poured directly onto discs, it is carried on to discs by the conveyor belt in the machine.

Conveyor belt is moved by the machine wheels.

Since Stercoris Wagon is a pull type fertilizer spreader, it doesn't weigh down the tractor.

With different disk sets, its working range can be changed and Stercoris Wagon can shoot fertilizer, salt, sand and lime.

If required, its tank capacity can be increased to 6000 lt with an additional 2000 lt tank.

Conveyor belt, with the movement taken from the movement wheel, it transfers the fertilizer from the tank to the disc and blades.

Stainless seperator, it provides the precise and equal seperation of fertilizer coming from the conveyor belt on the disc and blades.

Tyre, suitable for all kind of soils.

Band movement wheel, itís the wheel that provides the movement of the conveyor belt depending on its driving speed.

Fertilizer level indicator, while you are on the tracator, it allows you to see the amount of fertilizer when it runs low.

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